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Welcome on the webshop from CPS Cleaning Parts & Supplies

CPS Cleaning Parts & Supplies is a multi-brand supplier off spare-parts and supplies for floor cleaning machines. In our web shop u can find spare-parts, brushes, padholders, floor pads, squeegees, skirts, gaskets, filters, engines, floor cleaning chemicals and many more for your floor cleaning equipment. In our web shop you can also look into technical and spare-part manuals for all types off floor cleaning machines in which you can find technical drawings / exploded views to help you with technical service and finding the correct spare-part. If you can’t find the article your looking for within 1 of the product groups you can always use the general request form in the menu on the left.

How to order;

1.      Choose your product group in the menu on the left

2.      In the three columns that appear select the brand, type and group and click the “ok” button on the lower right side.

3.      Choose the product you desire and fill in the quantity you want or select the desired spare-part from a specific spare-part manual.

4.  You place the item you want to order in your basket by pressing the "shopping cart button"

or fill in the order form which appeared while opening a spare-part. On the order form you can fill in the spare-part you desire and your business information.

5.      After you’ve clicked the shopping cart button a new screen will appear. In this screen you will see which product and quantity you have chosen. If you have filled out an order form you will be contacted as soon as possible by a member of the CPS team trough email, phone or fax.

6.      In your shopping basket you will see an overview of the contents of your shopping basket

·         Do you wish to change the order quantity off a certain product then change the amount number and click the “Quantity recalculation” button. The prices will also be automatically recalculated according to the new quantity.

·         If you wish to remove a product from your shopping basket then click the “X behind the price of the specifiic product. The item will be removed from your shopping basket.

·         If you wish to order more products or browse trough you can click the “Continue shopping” button. By choosing this option you can add other products to your shopping card.

 ·      If you have completed your order you can choose the “Place order” button to finalize your order.  This will take you to the next screen in which you can create your own personal CPS account. If you create an account you’ll receive a username and password trough email. Choose the “Register” option and fill out the data form. This way you will have access to your own order history and every order you’ll place, after logging on to your account, will be automatically filled out with your data.  If you already have an account you can log on right here. If you wish to continue without registering you can choose the option “Continue without registering”

·         When the registration procedure is done you will receive an email with your username and personal password for

7.      In the following screen you have to choose the desired way off shipping and handling.

8.      After you have chosen the desired shipping and handling an overview screen will appear  containing the order you have placed and the data you filled out. On the left lower side there’s an option to fill out a remark or comment with regard to the order.

9.      After you have checked all the shown information in the overview you can choose “Place order” to finalize the order procedure.  

10.  You will receive a Performa invoice / order confirmation from the order you have placed directly trough email. On this Performa invoice / order confirmation you will find all our data which is necessary to make the payment. You are obliged to transfer the whole amount stated on the Performa invoice / order confirmation to our bank account number, ING Bank The Netherlands, Cleaning Parts & Supplies B.V. 

As soon as we have received payment the order(s) will be send to the address stated on the order confirmation.

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